Special Products Moving

We treat every commercial move and high valued product move like a residential move. Every product or good that we move gets handled with the same attention and care as your precious household possessions.

When you hire Rent-a-Son for your special product or high valued product move, you get Rent-a-Son. A lot of Toronto commercial movers will overextend themselves requiring them to outsource their work to third party labour services who provide people that just aren't as committed to the overall goal. Rent-a-Son uses its own movers, its own fully equipped lift gate trucks and our own warehouse which is alarmed, video-monitored and temperature controlled. We have experience with many different kinds of special product moves and always think and act proactively to get your job done faster and with less bumps in the road.

If you have products or commercial goods arriving from anywhere in Canada or the US, work with us to help you fulfill your customers needs. We will partner with you on your commercial move to make sure your customers get the best in service 100% of the time.