Plastic Moving Boxes by FROGBOX

We believe in being environmentally responsible which is why we have teamed up with Frogbox to offer plastic moving boxes for your pack. Frogbox is the natural choice for moving box rentals in Toronto.

Plastic Moving Boxes | Available from FrogBox

FrogBox rentals can be used for commercial moving and residential moves - whether you are moving, renovating or staging your home to be listed. Their plastic moving boxes can be reused hundreds of times; when damaged, plastic totes use 39% less energy to recycle, represent 95% less solid waste, and result in 29% fewer green house gas emissions. They are easy to lift and are uniform so they stack and pack easily into your truck or container.

Plastic Bin Benefits

Their plastic moving boxes are affordable. You won't have to locate, dispose of, or assemble our plastic boxes which is very convenient. FrogBox can deliver and pick up their boxes and there is no assembly required. They save space as they can be stacked or nested. Plastic boxes are tough! They definitely won't bend out of shape as our plastic moving boxes are crush proof. Get better protection of your belongings with these lockable moving crates.

Office or House Moves

Plastic moving boxes have been used for office moves for a long time. It wasn't until the last few years, that homeowners starting taking advantage of this convenient and eco-friendly service. Plastic moving boxes are a great way to pack up your home for a move and they even reduce moving time because they are easier to move and don't have to be strategically placed inside the truck.