Cross Docking Toronto

Rent-a-Son offers a cross docking service out of its Toronto warehouse. Our warehouse is well equipped to handle, sort, store or transfer some or all of any inbound shipments into outbound trailers or straight trucks. In addition to our physical infrastructure, we also have dozens of capable staff on hand to help sort or handle any or all of your inbound shipments. If you need cross docking in Toronto, you will find us to be really well positioned in the GTA.

  • Warehousing and Distribution

    Utilize Rent-a-Son for cross docking and for distribution. We have a fleet of GPS tracked straight trucks working locally and nationwide.

  • Racking and Containers

    Don't worry if you need some temporary storage. We have racking and containers to fit your requirements.

  • Sorting and Handling

    We have highly capable labourers on staff to help sort your incoming shipments.

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Cross Docking in Toronto? If you need to move your products quickly through order fulfillment channels and avoid peripheral costs, cross docking is the solution. Rent-a-Son can help you manage your distribution and logistics in the most efficient and profitable manner.

The idea of cross docking is to improve the flow of products from incoming trucks, trailers or containers by immediately arranging for these products for outbound shipping and order fulfillment. Allowing for this uninterrupted process requires a cross docking service that can handle your scheduling demands and custom requirements. Our position as a warehouse in Toronto is to focus on smaller and niche commercial goods. We are whole heartedly commited to the satisfaction of all our customers. Let us know what warehousing, distribution and cross docking requirements you have using the form above and we will work on a plan tailored to your businesses requirements.