Cross Border Moving

Moving to another country is not like domestic local or long distance moving. Moving the US has its challenges and requirements, so selecting the right cross border moving company is paramount. As an agent of north American Van Lines and a cross border mover, Rent-a-Son can move you in and out of any state in the United States of America. Our cross border moving team will get you packed and moved in a delivery spread that makes sense for you and your family.

Our cross border movers are no exception to our mover selection and training program. They follow the same industry practices that our local movers to do to ensure safe and efficient moving. If you require storage or other moving services, we can help. Our moving company is equipped to handle every single task related to your move to eliminate you having to source other vendors.

Our goal isn't just to move you but to provide a moving experience. Our operation is built to keep you in constant contact with a member of our team so that you always know where things stand during your moving process. Want re-assurance? Come visit our office in Toronto, Canada to see our modern practices and squeeky clean facility!